Viral Video

Do you want a parody video of the latest meme? Or maybe a "fake" video to entertain your audience and bring attention to your brand?

At Art-Proffi we like being original, but we also know the power of releasing the right video at the right time. And by "right" we mean the type of video that will easily get your company thousands, or hundreds of thousands views, if not more.

While there's no recipe for what makes a video go viral, even though Upworthy's flowchart was a good try, we think that these few principles mentioned in Forbes back in 2014 still apply today:

· Be upbeat
· Be timely
· Be involved
· Be informative
· Be inspiring

There were many times when we were asked to do something "Just like video X but with our company message" because a particular video really clicked with the audience, and we delivered every time.

When it comes to creating "fake" or parody videos, timing is everything: memes don't live long, and so if you want to capitalize on it, you have to act fast. We're famous for our quick turnaround, able to create videos of almost any complexity within days – making us the ideal agency to order a parody video or a "fake" video for your company (eg., the famous shark / bear attack videos). That's not to say that we recommend you to order a fake bear attack video and all your marketing troubles will be over, but it's important to know what's trending and to have us tailor your videos accordingly if you want those hundreds of thousands views.

Art-Proffi can recreate sets and shots to make it look almost indistinguishable from the original, write our own songs and music to fit your brand message, or work on a completely original idea to make a viral video for your business.
What kind of video are you looking for?