Events Video

In addition to our remote work, we also film events all around the globe. We film award ceremony videos, videos for launch parties, team buildings, government events, and everything in-between

If your company wants to commemorate an event to video, we can be there to film it in such a way that people would want to watch it, and, once they're done, to watch it again.

We've filmed everything from 360-degrees wedding videos to political events. We've had a chance to organize many events ourselves, and know how to solve challenges that come with setting up lights and cameras, how to film dynamic, unscripted events effectively, and how to edit them in post-production.

Art-Proffi has a full filming crew who will work with you on-site to achieve the best results. We can document (and edit) keynote speeches, take individual interviews with attendees and organizers, and create videos that you will be able to use to generate excitement before, during, and after all your events that will follow.

A professional event video is a great way to promote your company culture; likewise, if you're organizing a conference anywhere in Europe and want a crew that will be there early to setup and produce top quality videos without being distracting, Art-Proffi is the team to go to.

What kind of video are you looking for?