3D & Animation

If you're looking for an animated video created for social media, or an animated explainer video, our studio can help bring your vision to life.

There are plenty of reasons to use an animated video for your business. For example, a corporate launch to get people excited about your company, or a product launch, where you can introduce the product on your website or blog.

But a product launch animated video is far from all that you can do with animation.

Animated videos are just as useful in corporate branding or rebranding, where you can tell your company's story in an engaging way.

An animated video can be used as a training tool, breaking down instructions for your staff into a series of visual steps. And because we're not limited by sets, props, or actors beyond the voice talent when it comes to animation, we can bring scripts to life about practically anything, from orange juice to the exploration of space at a fraction of what it would cost if we were to film a live video. By extension, it's simpler and less expensive to create multiple language versions of animated video than that of a conventional one.

Another way in which animation videos can promote your brand is by simply highlighting your brand's colors. Research shows that 85% of instantaneous buying decisions are attributed just to the colors that the clients see!

With more and more people choosing videos over any other form of content on the web, it's hard to underestimate the power of a well-scripted and professionally animated video for a business.

There are more venues for animated videos than websites, too.

Animated videos work just as great for television, tradeshows, sales pitches, and are a great visual asset during meetings and presentations.

Our talented team has created thousands of high-quality animated films during our 14 years in the business. We enjoy working on animation as much as we love filming video, so if you're looking for an experienced agency that can create an affordable animated video for your business on time and on budget, look no further. Give us a shout.

What kind of video are you looking for?