Construction & Real Estate

Art-Proffi specializes in videos for construction companies and advertisements for real estate firms.

When it comes to real estate, video is no longer optional. It is a must.

They say that everyone needs a niche, and one of our core specialties at Art-Proffi has always been video production for construction and real estate companies. We've filmed dozens of advertisements for the real estate market and know exactly how to create videos that will get our clients noticed.

Art-Proffi filmed and produced all kinds of videos for real estate and construction companies: we've made videos about company culture, events, real estate promotions, sales videos, and much more.

Because we are a remote company, while we're always happy to fly on location to film your property on site, what we usually offer are promotional videos and quick sales pitches for TV and the web.

We can create memorable and exciting video ads for your construction or real estate business using our own studio and actors – this allows for affordable real estate videos without any drops in the quality of production.

And just because you're in the serious business of constructing households doesn't have to mean that your video should be too. For example, we had an opportunity to film a number of humorous real estate videos using live actors, 3D graphics, and 2D animation, which ultimately helped our clients to increase their sales.

When you choose to work with us, you choose to work with a team that has over 14 years of experience filming all kinds of real estate videos, both short and long. We use the state of the art cameras, 2D and 3D graphics where necessary, but, most importantly, we are closely-knit team of professionals.

We will also make sure that the video creation process will be transparent every step of the way from the moment you contact us to the point of receiving the finished video.

In short, Art-Proffi is the go-to video agency for construction and real estate companies.
What kind of video are you looking for?