Explainer Videos

If you want a professional animated explainer video for your business or product, you've come to the right place.

Explainer videos just work. It's been proven countless times over the past few years. It answers questions about your business that the consumers might not even know they have.

For example, when Dropbox limited their website to a single explainer video, it received over 750,000 views in the first month alone, a 10% increase in conversion rates, and thousands of extra sign up per day!

There are companies dedicated to producing just explainer videos and nothing more.

So why choose us over them?

Easy. We're just as experienced as some of the oldest explainer video companies out there, with a track record of 14 year of successful video production and thousands of animated clips under our belt. And last but not least, because we're based offshore, we are more affordable than the majority of the companies you will find out there.

Explainer videos can demonstrate the problem your clients have and the solution, they are concise, adaptable, and can be used anywhere. They're often useful for both old and new customers alike, acting as a sort of a tutorial if your product requires a learning curve to use.

And of course, animated explained videos are a great way to promote your brand by making your brand's voice, colors, and imagery stand out through the video.

We will work with you on writing a script that will fit your company's message and tone before moving to detailing the explainer film in a storyboard, after which we will create a high-quality animation as per the approved script.

At Art-Proffi we're not afraid to experiment: we think that a memorable explainer video is a video that hits all the right notes in the viewers, soliciting an emotional response rather than simply explaining how a product works.

Our professional animation and sound team can make a creative animated video you'll be proud to share with your customers.
What kind of video are you looking for?