Branded Video

If you need a good branded video, the challenge is finding the perfect balance between entertainment and promotion. This is where Art-Proffi truly shines.

Art-Proffi has a track record of creating emotional videos that capture the hearts and minds of our audience. We create videos that are thought-out and engaging, showcasing brands subtly but effectively.

Branded content is one of the best ways to spread awareness about your brand.

According to recent studies done by analytics and marketing companies such as Aberdeen, Buzzsumo, Locowise, Ooyala, and, demand for video on social media has grown by a wide margin over the past two years.

This is why today, telling stories in video form is more important than ever.

We know what it takes to create informative, entertaining, or touching content that will generate shares. Our team at Art-Proffi has created many memorable videos, some reaching as many as 5,000,000 views!

60% to 90% of people skip video ads altogether, viewing it as noise preventing them from getting to the content they want. This is where banded content comes in. Branded videos add to the experience of the viewer, instead of taking away from it.

If you're still unsure about what branded content actually is, a great example would be the LEGO movie.

Branded content can take many forms: videos for YouTube and Facebook, TV shows, movies, video games. We can take your initial concept and help elevate it to a video people would want to watch, or we can propose a number of ideas for a branded video and take it from there.

Whichever you choose, there is no denying that branded video is a great way to promote your brand.

At Art-Proffi, we know how to drive customer engagement through interesting videos: whether they're meant to entertain or to educate, our videos are always top quality, and always relevant to both brands and to viewers.
What kind of video are you looking for?